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What our integrations do for you

No more manual imports/exports

Stop wasting time on manual imports / exports. With our automatic sync, every time a contact is created or updated in one of your app, it gets automatically added or updated in the other apps you integrated with it. No more hazardous juggling with spreadsheets full of outdated data that used to take hours.

Access the data you need

Complaining about a piece of information that is crucial to you but not available in your app is no longer an issue with us. By integrating all your fields — and by that we mean even your custom fields — you are empowered to access all the information you may need right from the app you use.

Get a 360° view of your customers

You data is scattered all over your apps and whenever your need a piece of information, it is likely that it is not located in the app you use. By being able to integrate all of your fields from all of your apps and you are finally able to get this crucial 360° view of your customers.

Popular use cases

CRM - Email marketing

Keep your subscribers list from your email marketing app always up-to-date effortlessly by keeping it in sync with your contacts from your CRM. What's more? Thanks to our two-way sync, you can access your campaign feedbacks right in your CRM in near real time. Your sales team is finally able to follow up more efficiently on your marketing actions and you can monitor more closely your ROI

Email marketing - E-commerce

56% of consumers are more likely to buy from your website if you offer a personalized experience. Our integration automatically adds them to your product newsletter to keep them updated about what matters to them and let you access the best segmentation & personalization ever with your customers' data directly available from your email marketing tool (purchase history, name, email address...)

E-commerce - CRM

Though highly strategic, it's hard to get the data you need from your e-commerce platform to your CRM. With our integration, every single time someone places an order on your e-commerce site, it gets automatically updated in your CRM. With all of your customers' purchase history, your sales team is more efficient than ever and can finally access a true 360° view of your customers.


Mayer Elyashiv “I really appreciate Podbox service. It's fast and user friendly. You can set it up in minutes and start working with it. My customer experience is that the Support team is very responsive in helping you. Thanks Podbox.”
Mayer Elyashiv,  Lion Solution
SugarCRM ⇔ MailChimp
Dale Purdon “Podbox has been a life saver for us. The automatic Podbox syncing between our Salesforce CRM system and our bulk emailing account (Aweber Communications) has made our contact syncing process full automated and smooth as ever.”
Dale Purdon,  Imagine Properties
Salesforce ⇔ Aweber
Fotini Cassio “Podbox is not just a synchronization tool, it is a dedicated team of professionals that will work with you to seamlessly integrate your systems with a commitment to excellence! They are very responsive and always provide exceptional service to get the job done!”
Fotini Cassio,
Salesforce ⇔ InfusionSoft

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